CEG has focused on Leaf Spring Manufacturing Equipment for several decades. We have the ability to design and manufacture full range of leaf spring manufacturing equipment.

                  Beijing CEG Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002, which located in Chang Ping Beijing China. The company derived from the Leaf spring Laboratory of Automated Information Engineering College, University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), its purpose is making the advanced technology into products, develop cost-effective products, and match the steps of market. Since 1986, Professor Sun Ledian, founder of the company and his team dedicated to automobile spring production technology research and equipment development.

                  The Value of CEG is “People foremost, Innovation and Development”. Enterprise has more than 60 employees, include professors, senior engineers, senior technicians, engineers and technicians. The employees are computers, hydraulics, automation and mechanical engineering graduate students, undergraduates and college students, formed a strong technical force team.

                  The company has a full range of cutting, sawing, drilling, turning, milling, planing, grinding and other processing equipment more than 20 units. Company also has testing equipment which use in test, calibration and other technical experiment.

                  Our main products include automatic cutting line, straightening machine, eye forming machine, parabolic leaf spring rolling machine, Furnace, heat treatment line, Shot Blasting machine, leaf spring assembly line, electrophoresis coating line, performance testing machine and fatigue testing machine.

                  CEG products has been widely used in the Chinese automotive suspension industry. More than 80 domestic enterprises are using CEG equipment. Since 2004, the CEG products are exported to international markets, Including South Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. CEG brand has now been widely recognized in the world. Create wealth for society is our duty. We will be glad to provide our customers with quality products and services.

                  Thanks for the love from domestic and international customers. Sincerely welcome friends to visit the guidance and technical exchanges.

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