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                  • Order Information

                    Name: Eye Forming Machine

                    Product ID: CEG-EFM

                  • Order Information

                    Name:Leaf Spring Assembly Line

                    Product ID: CEG-SAL11/40/30-F/A

                    Major Part:

                    11: 11 working positions

                    400: 400kN Preloading Force

                    300: 300kN Load Testing Force

                    Optional Parts:

                    F: Fastener Shaping Machine (Optional)

                    A: Assistant manipulator (Optional)

                  • Name: 3-Position Hydraulic Presser

                    Product ID: CEG-3HP-1000/1600/2000-W

                    Major Part:

                    Number segments:correspond work positions.

                    Number meanings: The pressure force of presser.

                    Optional Parts:

                    W: Waste materials

                  • Order Information

                    Name:Mechanical Fatigue Testing Machine

                    Product ID:CEG-MFT

                  • 2016-05-19

                    CEG 4-Position Hydraulic Presser using for punching. It designed base on the CEG 3-Position Hydraulic Presser The model contains two 2000kN of stations and two 1600kN the station.It has automatic and manual mode.

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